Report an Outage


Your safety is important to us. Stay away from all power lines. Assume they are live and dangerous. If you have a downed power line or another hazardous situation, do not complete this form. Instead, call 225-638-3751 or 800-738-7232.

Before you report your outage:

  • Check your home’s fuses or breakers.
  • Look at your meter and see if it is working/running.
  • Check, if possible, to see if your neighbor’s power is also off.
  • Keep your refrigerator and/or freezer closed during the duration of the outage.
  • Stay away from power lines on the ground. Do not attempt to remove trees or limbs from the lines.

Filling in as much information below as possible will enable our dispatcher to give information to our line crew for a quicker response.

To find your map location on your bill, see image below.

PC Electric kindly requests that you do not report your outage multiple times. If your outage has been reported online, there is no reason to call our office and report the outage. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve the outage.

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