Math and Science Awards Program

PC Electric is proud to be a partner in education and gladly sponsors the Math & Science Awards Program in its local schools each year. In our industry, it is important to encourage our youth to pursue careers in the Math and Science fields. Electricity is an ever-changing technology because of its many uses, but now, more importantly, we need young bright students to embrace this field to help seek and discover cleaner ways to produce electricity.

Each year PC Electric presents approximately 25 Math and Science Awards to students in each of our local adopted schools throughout its tri-parish service area. The awards are available to elementary, junior high and high school students in schools throughout Iberville, Pointe Coupee, and West Baton Rouge parishes.

The Math and Science Awards are given to the students who have the highest combined Math and Science grade in each of the 3 different school levels: graduation from elementary school (3rd grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade depending on the school and parish); graduation from middle school or junior high (8th grade); and graduation from high school (12th grade).

The elementary students that receive the awards are presented with a framed certificate and a $25 gift card. The junior high students are presented with a framed certificate and a $50 gift card. The high school students are presented with a framed certificate and a$75 gift card.

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