Distributed Generation Facilities

In order to qualify as an Eligible Distributed Generation Facility, the generating facility must be completed and comply with all PC Electric requirements, including submission of a completed Standard Interconnection Agreement, the distribution generation facility installed, and the final release permit received from the Parish Inspector.  Eligible generating sites can be residential or commercial that are fueled by solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, fuel cell, or microturbines that are fueled by renewable resources.  The current avoided cost rate for solar generation is $.02742/kWh.

Before Installation  

A member seeking to interconnect a Distributed Generation Facility to the cooperative’s system must submit all applicable forms provided by PC Electric to the cooperative’s designated personnel for review and approval before beginning installation. Member-owned generator equipment and installations must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as all applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code, PC Electric, as well as state and local codes.

Service Requirements

Please fill out the blank fields below and submit to PC Electric.

Then you MUST download, print, and fill out the Standard Interconnection Agreement.  Once the agreement has been filled out and signed, it may be faxed to PC Electric at 225-638-8124, emailed to amcduff@pcemc.org or cspears@pcemc.org, or mailed to:

PC Electric
Attention: Amanda McDuff
P.O. Box 160
New Roads, LA 70760

Do not install before downloading and completing the agreement below.

Standard Interconnection Agreement

Please include area code
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