Old River Control Structure

At PC Electric our goal is to supply our members (customers) with safe, affordable and reliable electricity.  However, we are constrained by Mother Nature at times. 

We have confirmed that the Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to open the Morganza Spillway Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, for only the 3rd time in its history.  To ensure that all hazards are eliminated, and that each of our members, as well as our employees are safe during this historical event, we have de-energized lines and pulled meters inside the spillway, as well as those areas that are experiencing high water due to this unprecedented flood event.  Specifically, PC Electric has been in contact and coordinated with farmers and stakeholders inside the spillway and to the members in Iberville Parish (in the Grand River area) that is experiencing unusually high water. 

Electricity supplied to the Old River area, just north of Morganza, in Pointe Coupee Parish, has been disconnected since November, 2018, due to high water.

Lastly, PC Electric has a transmission line that runs directly through the spillway.  We have conducted multiple inspections over the past few months to assure the highest level of performance and reliability of our system.  We have an emergency plan in place should we have any situation arise that would cause damage to our system during this high water event in order to conduct restoration safely and timely.

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